Gary James is a full-time professional, multi-award winning magician. He is based in Edinburgh and has over ten years experience as a corporate and family entertainer. Gary is currently the President of the Edinburgh Magic Circle. Among the awards he has won are:

. The Murray Wand for Showmanship - Awarded by the Scottish Association of Magical Societies
. Edinburgh Magic Circle Close-Up Magician of the Year
. The Loch Ness Magic Challenge Team Winners with (Ricky & Colin)
. West Lothian Circle Presidents Cup

Gary has performed at a range of prestigious venues including Skibo castle both Edinburgh and Stirling Castles and many of the major venues for staging events in Scotland e.g. Gleneagles Hotel, many of the Hilton Hotels and the Balmoral Hotel in Edinburgh. However, he is just as comfortable entertaining audiences in smaller, more intimate venues such as family homes - for family Celebration of all types.

Magic for entertaining adult audiences can take a number of forms.  The main types of magic that Gary performs (and those which are best suited to corporate events) are briefly outlined below:

Close-Up Magic (Table Magic) is the most intimate and personal form of magic - with many of the effects taking place 
                                                        in the spectators' own hands. The magic is combined with Gary's gentle humour to 
                                                        put guests at ease, creating a relaxed atmosphere. It provides a talking point, creating a  
                                                        topic of conversation  for the early  part of the event - and also helps to make
                                                        your event memorable long after it has concluded.
                                                        Close-Up Magic is often performed by the table during a meal - at the start, between 
                                                        courses, or towards the end. Magic and humour skillfully blended to entertain your guests, making the event all the more enjoyable and memorable. However, it is not limited  to 'table-side' situations. Indeed it can be performed virtually anywhere that people are to be entertained. It does not require any special staging or lighting  -  it just needs an audience. It can be performed as Mix & Mingle Magic - often at the start of an event.

Mix & Mingle Magic is an ideal 'ice  breaker', helping to put people at ease and creating a more relaxed atmosphere. 
                                                        This can be at a Cocktail reception, at pre-dinner drinks, a wedding reception, before 
                                                         a training session indeed anywhere that people are gathered together. 
                                                         Gary mingles  with your guests, performing Close-Up Magic creating amazement 
                                                         and providing  amusement, helping create a relaxed and convivial atmosphere. Much
                                                         of the magic takes place in the spectators’ own hands - adding to the impact of the 
                                                         effects being performed. Many clients find that Mix & Mingle Magic provides an 
                                                         ideal opener for their event

Cabaret Magic, or Stand-Up Magic can provide the ideal finale to an event. It can be used on its own or combined with  
                                                          Mix & Mingle Magic and/or Close-Up Magic, whichever suits your event needs. 
                                                          Gary's Cabaret Magic show is a  fast paced blend of magic and humour that will 
                                                          ensure that your guests leave with a smile on their faces - and a long-lasting memory 
                                                          of the event. The show lasts generally lasts for between 30 minutes and 1 hour 
                                                          (depending  on your requirements), and has been a great success with all the clients
                                                          who have booked this option. As with all of Gary's performances, Cabaret Magic 
                                                          can be presented as purely entertainment for your guests. It can also be structured so 
                                                          that it plays a part in conveying a particular company message, or it can be used in    
                                                          enhancing the theme of the event. 

These different types of magic can all be used independently of each other, or they can be combined to enhance their effect on guests and their impact on the event. Gary will happily advise clients on the best ways to use magic to enhance their event.
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