Between 10 and 30 seconds - the average time taken for a potential customer to walk past a stand at a trade show/exhibition.  During  that  brief  few  moments  an  exhibitor  must  capture  the  attention  of  the  visitor,  attract  them  on  to  their  stand and  gain their attention.

The use of specialist Trade Show Magic, at Trade Shows and Exhibitions is a normal feature of these events in the USA, and it is also growing in popularity in the UK and the rest of  Europe. This is mainly because it provides  a cost-effective  method of increasing  visitor numbers to an exhibit and consequently increasing sales and revenue.

Gary  James  is  an  experienced  Trade  Show  Magician.  He  is  expert  at attracting  the attention of passers-by,  building a crowd  and holding them  on a stand - before  passing them over to your sales team. He uses a subtle blend of magic and humour to gain (and  retain) the attention and interest of visitors, using his magic skills to help put your message across.

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